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The Internet's Talk Show!

Live Stream Event Broadcast

Fun and engaging interviews with top content and film creators! We talk with upcoming film and performing stars, and learn the secrets of their success. Meetup with creative Tech and Business Entrepreneurs for the in's and inspirations in a billion dollar industry. Live from Hollywood, Los Angeles it's "The Internet's Talk Show!" What do you have to say? click to Watch Interviews Now!

The Human Mission

Live Stream Broadcast Event

A collective goal to advance humanity, socially and technologically through science, engineering, invention and entrepreneurship. The Human Mission meets with advanced thinkers, futurist, scientists, business people and companies that are inspired and motivated toward advancing the future of mankind. click to Watch Interviews Now!

Hollywood Mic

Live Stream Event Broadcast

The business of Hip-hop and Rhyme is competitive! To make it big, you need to be exceptional with your lyrics. In this game, the grammatically creative and quick thinking skills of the Free-stylist are essential. However, a limited audience can slow your journey to the top. Hollywood Mic, puts the virtual-global and physical-local audience right in front of you.

So, you think we're kidding?

If you think you're funny, then great you can audition for the Hollywood Mic's "Laugh Until You Cry" comedy show! Show the world how funny you are.

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