An Interview with Mars-One's Dr. Norbert Kraft and Dr. James Kass (click to watch)

The Former Mars-One's Candidate interviews (click to watch)

The President of the Mars Society, Dr. Robert Zubrin (click to watch)

 The Reaction Research Society - a peek into "A History in the Future of Space"

"FAR/Mars 1st Annual Amateur Rocket Student contest"

Co - Founder & CEO (NL) - Bas Lansdorp

Co - Founder & CTO (NL) -  Arno Wielders

Chief Medical Officer (USA) - Dr. Norbert Kraft

Founder - President - Dr. Robert Zubrin

Vice President - Michael Stoltz

Director MDRS - Dr. Shannon Rupert

Reaction Research Society (Est. 1943)

President - Osvaldo Tarditti

Vice President - Frank Miuccio

Secretary - Dave Nordling

James R. Kass Space Consulting

CEO - Dr. James R. Kass (NL)

A World Fit For Kids Organization

Live Stream Broadcast

We invite the most innovative and inspiring thinkers to share their stories of life, work and vision with our audience. The guests of "The Human Mission" talk about how some of their life experiences and dreams have lead them to careers, and build companies that help advance our society toward a brighter future.  Watch them on our streaming archives and follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter for Live streaming shows.

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Film + Distribution

"The Human Mission" is an original reality program created by A.K. Martin and distributed via the internet, through social media and this web site.  This is a Not-for-profit production.  Although this production is currently funded by it's producer A.K. Martin, "The Human Mission" and, gladly accepts donations and gifts. Your contributions allow us to continue to produce inspiring shows for science and technology. We hope to be a positive influence for generations to come. We aspire to one day be  a part of national broadcast networks such as, PBS, Discovery, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Science Channel, The Learning Channel and the many other networks that provide us with hope, inspiration, entertainment and education.


With every episode our audience continues to expand. "The Human Mission" covers a wide and diverse range of topics. From Space and Technology to Business and development to breakthroughs in Medicine.  Every episode is as exciting as the one before and attracts viewers from different walks of life and around the world. Many of our viewers become loyal to our network and signup as members, so that they can be notified of the next exciting live stream broadcast.  Many also follow us on Social Media and await announcements of our next episodes and topics. Our viewer demographic typically range from High School Seniors to University Graduates as well as professionals and business owners. We are proud of the feedback from our viewers, as they share how inspiring and motivating much of our content is.  We hope that you join us, and help us continue to produce inspiring and intelligent content for our youth and share positive visions of the future.

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